March 27, 2012

Location: The Culinary Loft at Aphrodite Cooks

Chef – Bruno Elsier

In the spirit of la belle France, we are honoured to have chocolatier, pâtissier and bon vivant Chef Bruno Elsier creating our Chocolat-inspired menu and helming the stove. Chef Bruno will be supported by the professional culinary talents of our own Chef Vanessa Yeung. We are pleased to present 


Dwayne Morgan –  “The Making Of A Man“

Mardi Michels – Co-founder of Food Bloggers of Canada

Patricia Bradbury –  Writer, teacher, editor and journalist 

Chef Elsier has had a storied culinary career in Europe and Canada. In 1981-1985, he trained in culinary Arts at the Brussels Hotel School COOVI-CERA, Belgium. Bruno worked with some of Brussels top chefs, fine dining restaurants, the officers club of the Belgian Army and Eurest-Wagon Lits Group (now the Compass Group). In 2000, Bruno arrived in Toronto where he worked for Rahier (a fine Belgian patisserie) and was culinary advisor to Costco. Bruno has run his own patisserie and, among others, has worked as Corporate Chef at Loretta Foods and actually as Executive Chef at TFS/ with a menu fit for Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. And if you break your Lenten fast for this, mum’s the word.

Bruno is a contributor to Culinaire Saisonnier/Patisserie and Desserts/Pastries in Europe and a Callebaut ambassador. He is a frequent winner at culinary competitions and assists and judges in Iron Chef events, Culinary Salon Competitions, regional CCFCC competitions, the Canadian Chocolate Master and Inter-Collegiate Chocolate Masters. Bruno is a member of the Escoffier Society of Toronto and the Canadian Federation of Cooks and Chefs.

As per June 2011 Chef Bruno became a member of the Trillium Chefs Society preparing for the IKA Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt 2012

The Menu

Salad with Bacon Bits and Pine Nuts Sautéed in Cacao Butter with a Balsamic Honey Vinaigrette

‘Serious Mayor’s’ French Shallot and Lentil Cream Soup with Cacao Butter. Seriously delicious!

 ’Handsome’ Bean Cassoulet and Toulouse Sausage with a soupçon of Milk Chocolate

Goat’s Cheese Sorbet with Flaming Armagnac

Burgundy Beef Stew prepared with Dark Chocolate, Frites and Spicy Chili Chocolate Mayo

Vianne’s Shades and Heat of Chocolate : White Chocolate Mousse with Lime,

Crème Brûlée of Milk Chocolate and Dark, Hot and Spiced Chocolate Drink

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