Monsoon Wedding

Saturday, April 21 2012

Location: The Culinary Loft at Aphrodite Cooks

Chefs  Arvinda and Preena Chauhan of Arvinda’s Indian Spice Blends

Chef Nettie Cronish  – co-author of  Everyday Flexitarian


Abdullah Aumeer  – HSBC

Jasmine D’Costa – Curry Is Thicker Than Water

Naomi Duguid – Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through South-East Asia

Inspired by the pageantry and festivities of an Indian wedding, Reel Eats offered diners a true Indian feast prepared by Arvinda’s Spices co-owner, cookbook author, food blogger and cooking instructor Preena Chauhan. Joining her is multi-cookbook author, vegetarian food expert and culinary instructor Nettie Cronish. Preena explains, “Typically meat is never served at an Indian wedding (ceremony) – the meal is always vegetarian as the ceremony involves the presence of God.

In the film Monsoon Wedding, the wedding ceremony took place and the dancing and celebration took place immediately afterwards, so the meal would be vegetarian.” With that in mind, the two women have crafted a vegetarian Indian Feast fit for a Rajah.


Aditi’s Apricot Black Lentil Soup with Masala Spices

Hemant’s Crisp Pappadum Wafers

Roasted Cashew Curry with Cauliflower and Peas

Sumptuous Saag Paneer- Indian cheese in a creamy sauce with spinach

Wedding Day Mattar Rice Pullao Basmati rice with peas

Celebratory Channa Masala Chick Pea Curry

Cooling Mint & Cilantro Raita with mild spices Served with Cilantro Sesame Garlic Toasted Naan

Sweet Endings Vanilla Coconut Chai Spiced Ice Cream with Sliced Mangoes

Aromatic and Romantic Masala Chai featuring Arvinda’s premium Chai blend

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