The Big Night

February 27th, 2012

Location: The Big Ragu

Chef Carmine Accogli of The Big Ragu shows us what a real Italian meal should be.

The music, the drama and the food. Oh, the food.

The Big Night is a long-standing tradition at The Big Ragu. Chef Carmine showed off his flare for food and showmanship.


With the help of his father-in-law, Nicolla and our own Chef Vanessa Yeung, the meal that night was rivalled only by the movie itself.

Boun appetito, tutti.

The Storytellers

Inna Gertsberg –

Tom Campbell – Painter and Sculptor

D.M. Ubaldino -The Five Steps To Sainthood –

The Menu

Primo’s Brodo di Taccchino (Primo’s Turkey Soup)

Risotto all’Italiano (Italian Risotto)

The Big Night Big Timpano Cognillio alla Caccciatora (Hunter’s Rabbit)

Porchetta Che Buone (Porchetta So Good)

Cannoli Your Mamma Would Be Proud Of


Watch a Big Night in action

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