What Is Reel Eats?

REEL EATS is a monthly gastronomic, film and story-telling event that brings together Toronto’s finest chefs, raconteurs, and food-lovers on one gloriously delicious night at various top venues around the city.

It’s simple, really.


The event is centered around a famous food-related film.The invited chef creates a multi-course meal inspired by the movie.

The invited storytellers tell 8-10 minute personal stories that are loosely-linked to the themes of the movie.

Diners enjoy food, wine, stories of the highest calibre in a beautiful space.

Many door prizes are given away to our diners at every event.

It is one of the most unique and magical nights you will ever experience.

Just ask anyone who has been there

Reel Eats is brought to you by:

Sizzling Communications   www.sizzlingcommunications.com

Aphrodite Cooks  www.aphroditecooks.com

Sushi Making For The Soul   www.sushi making for the soul

Hear, Smell, Taste, Touch and Eat What You Watch


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